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5 Feng Shui Tips for Buying a Home that Might Surprise You!

We did it!  We bought a house, our first house together!  Everyone told me buying a house could be a tedious process, but I disagree.  I had so much fun exploring all of the possibilities in each of the houses we looked at.  When I found a house I really liked I would mentally design each of the rooms as I walked into them, and each house was different than the last.  Each had its own unique challenges depending on its era and architecture.

Feng Shui TipsFeng Shui Tips

Truth be told, we saw 20 houses in two weeks. Our real estate agent was a rockstar!  (seriously if you live in Minneapolis hire Jessie Bryan.  She also is actually a rockstar being the lead singer of a clash cover band, RuDe GiRL)

We had just moved to Minnesota from Denver and spent a few months living with my parents until we found a home we wanted to buy.  We were in a great position because we didn’t have to rush into something.  Thanks to a supportive family we were able to really enjoy the process and search for a home we both truly loved.



It’s everything I’d dreamed of!

It’s funny, but after seeing 20 different houses we ended up buying the very first house we looked at.  I had scouted it out online before we moved, and when I saw it in person I really loved the energy. It is such a beautiful home, a craftsman built in 1912 and recently restored.  I love the architecture and woodwork.  It’s everything I’d dreamed of!

I could go on and on about the architecture, the hardwood floors, the three porches—and let’s face it I will do just that in future blogs.  But for now, I want to focus on the five really important qualities my home must absolutely have from a Feng Shui perspective.



Feng Shui Tips


Here are My Feng Shui Tips

  1. Landlocked:  My realtor thought I was crazy when I told her I did not want a corner lot.  Most everyone wants a corner lot, they want a bigger yard. Not me! According to Feng Shui principles when you don’t have a structure on both sides of your home, you set yourself up for unknown energies that can lead to robberies and money problems.
  2. No cul-de-sacs:  This is another head scratcher for most people.  Who wouldn’t want to live on a peaceful cul-de-sac?  The expanse pavement is like a second yard for kids, and it is safe. I don’t disagree with those points, but the problem with living in a cul-de-sac is the energy has nowhere to go.  It gets stagnant and there’s no way to reenergize.  It can present the feeling of stuck in life, your career.  And who needs help feeling stuck?  Not me.
  3. Master bedroom in the back:  Out of all the homes we saw, the home we bought was the only one with a master bedroom located in the back of the home.  Why was this so important to me?  Whoever sleeps in the back of the house has the control.  If a child’s bedroom is in the back half of the house they will likely have the control—even if they sleep on another level of the house.
  4. No missing areas:  It is best if you can find a home that is a perfect square or a perfect rectangle.  If you don’t, you run the risk of having a missing area in the Bagua.  For example, you may be missing your abundance and prosperity area or relationship and love area, ouch. Of course, there are always cures, but it is best to have a home that falls into these guidelines.
  5. An Active Neighborhood:  It’s nice to live in a peaceful neighborhood, but be careful to avoid a neighborhood that is too quiet. Very quiet neighborhoods can be full of stagnant energy. A neighborhood with good energy will be full of positive energies including friendly neighbors, children playing, and pets.


Well, there you have it some Feng Shui tips to help you on your search for buying a new home.  I  would love to hear from you!  In the comments below, tell me what’s important for you when you are looking for a new home.

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