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Your home is your sanctuary

My goal is to make your home your sanctuary, the place you come to, to rejuvenate and feel supported.  I use the ancient art of Feng Shui to make that happen. Your living spaces should fully support you in bringing about positive changes to your careers and relationships.

You deserve a beautiful, supportive space to

call your own!

Some of my clients refer to me as a Feng Shui consultant and others say I’m their personal interior designer, but I tend to think of myself as a healer of your home and a clearer of blockages. I want your life to flow, and I want your space to make achieving the life you want feel effortless. I understand that aesthetics and energy are both vitally important for my clients. You can have it all! That’s why I decorate, but I also clear the energetic clutter. Most importantly, I help you find the balance that can be so elusive in today’s hectic world.

Move your stuf, change your life. Sometimes it can be that simple!

Many of my clients are amazed at the difference Feng Shui can make in their lives! Did you know that Feng Shui can help you bring love, career opportunities, and cash flow into your life? Do you want to improve your health, energy, or focus? Are you feeling blocked in your career, lethargic, or just overwhelmed with anxiety? Would you like help with family harmony or fertility? Feng Shui has cures for these areas and so much more, and I can personalize a solution for your home and help you design a life you love!

What You Might Expect from my Feng Shui Consultation:

  • Suggestions for how to create optimal energy in your space through furnishings, positioning, color theory, paint, finishes, and interior accessories
  • Insight into your personal Feng Shui element—and those of your family members—and practical solution for how to bring balance and harmony through the five elements: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood
  • Numerology readings and calculations of best directions everyone living in the home
  • Strategies for clearing clutter and identification of energy stagnation caused by architectural or interior design
  • Suggestions for cures including crystals, mirrors, fountains, and artwork
  • Analysis of your home’s footprint and exterior including missing corners and entryway positioning
  • Consultation prior to construction can help you decide how to best position your main entrance, additional doors, and windows for optimal energy flow

feng shui crystals

``It worked! I wanted to let you know that I met a great guy after your Feng Shui Consult! Thank you so much!!
Anna S
``Jenner's service was incredibly helpful! I had a tiny room to examine, but she walked me through each section and gave me expert advice on how to make the most of my space! I am so grateful for her talent. 15 stars!!``
Colleen M

Space and Energy Clearing 

with Sacred Geometry

There is an unseen world of energy in your space – from previous owners, past trauma, discord, illness, arguments, land disturbances, furniture, and emotions – that you are most likely not aware of. However, these energies affect you on a daily basis. Space clearing is an important aspect of Feng Shui that clears out old, stagnant and oftentimes negative energy. It allows the space to reset, so to speak, so that you can begin a clean slate.

Using the sacred geometry teachings from the Modern Mystery School I clear the energetic blueprint of the home or office to bring in a divine new energy. This clearing helps to clear the space, holds the energy in the room and lifts it to a higher vibration to bring in calm, clear and more spiritual energy.

Once the clearing is complete I create a crystal grid to hold the new energies in your space. This is an important piece of clearing a space.  Without it, the negative energies can find their way back to you and your space.

Energy clearing and activations bring a sense of peace and tranquility into each room or building and is an excellent to bring in positive energies into the work environment to help with success and abundance.

A Space Clearing should be done when moving into a new space, especially if trauma, misfortunes, or negativity have occurred in the space. Maintenance clearings can be done by the homeowner, however clearing residue from your own negative experiences or patterns oftentimes calls for someone else.

Space & Energy Clearing Can Help With:

  • Ridding your home of negative or stagnant energy
  • Clearing energy from previous owners
  • Clearing ghosts or unwanted energies
  • Stopping old patterns or habits
  • Clearing energy from illness or trauma
  • Clearing energy after recent break-up
  • Harmonizing your entire space
  • Feeling more energetic and general well-being

Feng Shui St. Paul

Space and Energy clearing minneapolis

I had Jenner do a sacred geometry space clearing after my ex-boyfriend moved out. It made a huge difference in the way I felt in my home. It helped make it mine again. I was also able to sleep through the night! Thank you!
Jessie B

Sacred Spaces

Creating your Sancutary

Feng Shui Minneapolis


Maximize the flow of energy (chi) in your home to enhance all areas of your life. Whether it be health, relationships, wealth, fame, career, etc., using the principles of Feng Shui to activate and create new energy and possibilities.

New construction or remodel 

Can include: site/house orientation, color & material choices, auspicious room placement, or landscaping.


Optimize productivity, energy, and morale by employing basic Feng Shui principles in your workplace. See how changes, such as the proper placement of desks, cubicles, and people can create a more beneficial working environment.


Create an alter that is harmonious, to the energies while you meditate. When we come to a place of stillness, it is important to be clear of any harmful energies.

Pre-purchase Evaluation

Before buying or renting a home or office you want to be aware of the Feng Shui energy in the building you will be living in or working with.


Many people spend 40+ hours a week in their office.  We take the time to make our space functional while we work, why not also have your office be in alignment with all the positive energies that surround you.  Doing Space Clearing or Feng Shui in your office can bring in new opportunities and abundance like you never had before.