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Clearing Clutter with Feng Shui to De-stress your Life

De-stress by Clearing Clutter with Feng Shui

Whether you’re a high flying corporate player or a stay at home mom, there’s no denying that stress affects each and every one of us at some point in life. Just look at the latest statistics from the American Institute of Stress, and the issue becomes a whole lot scarier.

One in five people experiences ‘extreme’ stress, Americans, in general, are 44% more stressed than they were five years ago. Doctors reveal that three out of four visits are triggered by stress related ailments. It sounds a little melodramatic, but the institute suggests that stress is quite literally a killer.


Clearing Clutter with Feng Shui


That’s why as far as I’m concerned, incorporating the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui into the chaos of contemporary life should be a top priority.


Clearing Clutter with Feng Shui

The first step? Decluttering. Yes, it’s a bit of a daunting word, especially for those of you who love to hoard! But trust me, there’s a direct relationship between clutter and stress.

So what is clutter? From a Feng Shui perspective, clutter refers to stagnant and confusing objects, that actively drain positive energies from both a space and its occupants. Or if you prefer a more down-to-earth definition, anything that you don’t like, don’t use or doesn’t serve a purpose.

Clearing Clutter with Feng Shui


Overcoming the human love affair with clutter

People hang onto possessions for a myriad of reasons. A big factor is the belief that certain things make us happier. Others are under the illusion that possessions embody success, memories, emotions and dreams. These ‘beliefs’ may bring comfort, but ultimately, they’re nothing more than illusions.

So how you can start clearing clutter with Feng Shui to live a happier, healthier, less stressful existence?

Simple yet powerful, underpinning your decluttering strategy with basic Feng Shui principles is an amazing way to cleanse your spaces, while still being gentle on your emotions. Use the ‘Magic Square’ principle to guide your cleanse, using Bagua life principles to determine what should stay, and what should get the boot.

Our final tip? The more honest you are with what classifies as clutter, the better your chances at re-energizing spaces and creating a powerful flow of Feng Shui energy within your home.



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