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#9 Jen Quade “Begin with Breath” Part I Podcast //Powerful Questions w/Jenner

This week I welcome one of my beautiful friends, Jen Quade to the show.  She is a holistic nurse who runs a woman-centered practice here in Minneapolis focusing on mind-body-spirit work. 


This is the first of a two-part episode because our conversation was just so good! 

We talk about:

  • Her experience growing up in a very masculine environment
  • Her life-changing trip to Brazil
  • Breath work
  • Mayan abdominal massage


Jen feels that our culture—as a whole—Is a masculine culture.  So her experience of growing up as a tomboy on a farm and eventually becoming establishing a woman-centric practice with uterine massage and feminine movement has some powerful lessons for all women. 

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She sees her work as “building a bridge” for other women who are also looking to trust their intuition and build community.


After a spot opened up in an oncology class, Jen took a deep dive into holistic healing.  Several opportunities arose and she found herself studying ways to calm the nervous system. 


And she became particularly interested the power of breath control.  Those of us who practice yoga completely understand how important breath can be! 


Jen also walks us through a fascinating discussion of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and how our flight or fight response often registers everything as a threat, which can be exhausting. 


She uses soft-bellying breathing which triggers the Vagus nerve.  Even five minutes of breathing can pull you out of the storm and back into the calm. 

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This breath work eventually lead Jen to Belize, where she studied Mayan Massage under Rosita Arvigo.  Today, interested students can find teachers all over the world by visiting


Jen tells us about why Mayan Massage is so beneficial; the uterus is at the center of our well-being.  Alignment in this area can help our entire lives flow better aiding everything from digestion to creative energy. 


As you can see, you will definitely want to tune in next week for part two of this enlightening conversation.

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