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#10 Jen Quade “Begin with Breath” Part 2 Podcast //Powerful Questions w/Jenner

Hi, this is Jenner Linden mindset coach in business + life and host of the Powerful Questions Podcast.   In this episode, I welcome back Jen Quade for part two of our discussion.  You can check out the first part of our discussion here


Over time Jen began working less and less at the hospital and more with her personal clients.  After she began working out of her home and launched her website she was booked out for three months! 

She credits her success to following her intuition and traveling to Belize.  If you are interested in improving your own ability to listen to and follow your own intuition she suggests a three-part process: breathe, listen and write.  Meditation and journaling can be very powerful in this area, and so can finding a community of like-minded thinkers. 

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Jen shares a helpful piece of advice from a Buddhist meditation teacher, that meditation isn’t really about “shutting the mind off” for a while, but instead is about coming back to a point of focus.  I know many of my clients at first feel like they “can’t meditate” because they are expecting a completely still mind. 

Another misunderstanding about meditation is that it must be a still practice,  Jen discusses Qoya, dance-based meditation practice. The purpose of Qoya is to become wise, wild, and free. And to expand our capacity to find feel good in our body and find truth.  Jen provides a preview of her upcoming class at Four Gates in Minneapolis.  As you can tell, there each class really explores movement as medicine.  She will also be teaching a class at the Women’s Awakening Festival in Minnesota this August. 

Free Clarity Session

Jen will also be speaking about holistic pelvic care to the meetup group I run called Holistic Discovery.  She’ll be talking about Yoni Womb Steam and other practices to honor the feminine within you. 

In addition to meditation and “shaking off” negative emotions, Jen suggests listening to your intuition—which may not always sound like a voice.  It is simple advice, but also a difficult practice.  While it may sound counterintuitive, many people turn to a teacher or coach to help them better tune in to their own intuition. 

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