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It’s been a whirlwind at the Linden household after publishing the first episodes, I ended up taking a couple weeks off.  But it’s all good!  I’ve been getting out in the community and presenting at several different events around the Cities and reaching out to some amazing people who will soon be a guest on this show.  Visionaries. Entrepreneurs. And Change-makers.



One of my upcoming guests will be poet Lisa Harris, who has created a women’s empowerment series called Unveiled Beauty: Cultivating You.  You can read more about her work here.


Another upcoming guest will be Jen Quade, who has so much to offer in the areas of mind, body, and spirit.  I’ve known her for years.  She is my Mayan massage therapist, and she has an incredibly beautiful energy.  You can learn more about Jen’s work by clicking here.


Today’s show is going to be a bit of a departure from my format.  It’ll be a little more personal and a little more off the cuff.  You see, my grandpa has been in hospice and may be passing on in the next few days. [update – the day I recorded this podcast May 9th my Grandpa passed away]


It’s been a difficult time for my family as we have to say goodbye to this incredible man.


One of the things I love my grandpa is that he is genuinely interested in the lives of everyone around him.  And not just “how’s your business going?”  But he really wants to know the inner workings of my practice.  And he is like that with everyone in his life his kids, grandkids, and now even the great grandkids.


In just the past year he had to give up driving his own car, at the age of 93.  And at 88 he flew out to Denver to be at our wedding.


In the past few months, I’ve been visiting him often and bringing him orange juice, coffee, and donuts.  We’ve had some very authentic conversations, and we come from very different generations and disagree about many of the major issues facing the world right now.


But that doesn’t stop us from having heart-centered conversations.  And I’ve come to really cherish that because there are very few people I’m close to right now who have such a different worldview.


Right now there are so many divides in the world.  And when I see cruel responses posted to cruel status updates, I find it heartbreaking.  When I am tempted to fire off a response I try to remember Gandhi’s famous quote, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” 


We must take responsibility for our own actions and contributions in the world.  Looking at the other guy will not create the change we are looking for.  Ask yourself, where do I need to take responsibility to be the change I want to see?”


To honor my grandpa, I am committed to putting my judgments aside and having more heart-centered conversations with others, even those I disagree with.  When we do the inner work, it will create real change in the world.


It’s one of the things I love most of my work as a mindset coach.  When I am able to transform limiting beliefs of just one person it can have a profound impact on the world and its consciousness.

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