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#6 Podcast //Worried about change? How to make the right decision with confidence

In this episode, I discuss the process I have used with one of my life-coaching clients who was feeling disillusioned with her choice to pursue a degree. Essentially, she is wondering if it is time to make a change in her life. 

As a life coach, this is one of the key questions I see time and time again. People come in the door asking “How do I know I am ready for a change?” even if they aren’t aware that is their deeper question.

I recorded this episode on a spring day in Minnesota when the Lilac bushes were just starting to bud. I love lilac bushes! They are so beautiful and smell so wonderful! They are also a sign of spring.

Who doesn’t love the warmer weather and a new beginning? When we first moved to Minnesota I was excited to have this Lilac bush in my front yard, but it was fall so I had to wait nearly six months to enjoy them. That first spring the tree only had two bunches of flowers.

podcast life coach

It turned out that the Lilac bush was getting very little sunlight because it was being blocked by a large ash tree on the neighbor’s berm.  These ash trees are very susceptible to an infestation called “emerald ash borer” that has been spreading throughout the region and in our neighborhood, several of these well-established trees had to be cut down.

The loss of these trees was devastating and really changed the whole look of our street. But there was a silver lining to this cloud.

This spring brought a wonderful surprise. Our lilac bush has hundreds and hundreds of buds.

This lilac bush is a great reminder that springtime is all about the changes that have been dormant inside us all winter. Spring is a time to move forward, make decisions, and feel confident in our decisions.   

This week’s question is: How do I know if I’m ready for change?

One of my clients is working toward a degree and finds herself at a crossroads. Should she finish her degree? Go on and complete another degree? Or seek another path?

podcast life coach

The first step is to go back to the start and ask ourselves, “why did I make this decision in the first place?” For my client, it was because she thought education would bring her a sense of security and sense of worth. I talk about how I helped her get clear on her reasons so she could make an empowering decision.

At this point you may be wondering facing a major decision in your life, I’m here to help! Learn more about my FREE 30 min clarity session and working with me!

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