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#5 Podcast //Uncovering the Truth. What is Really Important to You?

I hope you are enjoying the podcasts so far! I’m having a blast talking about my work as a life coach and encouraging people to work with these powerful questions, to keep seeking, and to “stay with the question.” If you haven’t already, 

I encourage you to go back and listen to the first episode where I explain exactly how questioning can improve your life. 

Today’s question is: What is the Most Important Thing to You?

On the surface, this question appears simple and most people have a knee-jerk response. However, this is a perfect example of why I tell my listeners and life-coaching clients to stay with the question. I’ve found that people first, knee-jerk response is rarely ever what the most important thing in their life is true.

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I was recently listening to an episode of the Tim Ferris podcast featuring Debbie Millman. For decades, Millman had thought that the most important thing for her was making it as a designer. But after some self-reflection, she realized that living in Manhattan actually turned out to be a priority that was driving her life. She found herself living in a “decrepit” and “deplorable” little apartment to make this happen.

The answer to this question often changes over time. That’s because I’m not asking, “What is your life’s purpose?” I’m asking you to dive deep on the factors that hold the most sway over your life.

This question became really important for me over the past few years as my husband and I have been on a fertility journey together. At that time I would have said the most important thing to me was “to have a family.” However, when I stuck with the question I came to realized that the more accurate answer would be “to be a stay-at-home mom with a career I love.”

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Staying with the question has lead me to the best career of my life,  enrolling the help of a nutritionist and opening up a conversation about adoption. 

Now, go get BIG!

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