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#4 Podcast //Get Inspired with Janelle Klander Part 2

This episode is second in a two-part series with my guest Janelle Klander, host of The Badass Spiritual Warriors podcast.  Janelle is a dynamic teacher, healer, and ritual master guiding people toward spiritual expansion and authentic living.

If you haven’t listened to part one of this interview, I suggest listening to it first.

  • We discuss her number one tool for overcoming anxiety
  • How she felt like an outsider in her own country after living in Spain for two years
  • What she had to let go of to make HUGE changes in her life
  • Her bathroom floor moment and how she overcame it to help others and so much more.

In this episode, we talk about the origins of her company, the question that changed everything for her, and how to afford a personal growth lifestyle, and the role of fear in entrepreneurship.

Janelle had reached a point where she was ready to go “all-in” on her healing business and found that her boldness was one of the unique traits she brought to spirituality work. She talks about how sticking to this bold name was a lesson of being able to step through her fear. After all, many people who consider themselves spiritual might be offended by the phrase “badass” or “warrior”.

We had fun talking about her famous “sword photo shoot” which is featured on her web page.

One of the most powerful questions in Janelle’s journey came to her when she began to wonder “Can I afford to invest in my own growth?” She answered this question with a powerful question, “Can I afford to NOT invest in my own growth?” I’m sure that many of us can relate to this line of questioning. Janelle found that shifting priorities and working with tools to calm her anxiety and master her sensitivities.

Janelle shares one of her secrets to decompressing from technology and the stresses of entrepreneurship using an acupressure mat.

Janelle is currently enrolling students in her next session of Warrior School, an online group coaching program focused on empowerment and taking your life to the next level. Janelle covers topics ranging from chakras to manifestations during the course of the six weeks of warrior schools.

Now, go get BIG!

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