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#3 Podcast //Get Inspired with Janelle Klander

In this episode, I welcome my first-ever guest, Janelle Klander, host of The Badass Spiritual Warriors podcast.  Janelle is on a mission to inspire people to live authentically.  She is a ritual master and a dynamic teacher who guides spiritual expansion.

Our interview was so wonderful that I had to split our interview into two episodes.  In the first half, we talk about Janelle’s #1 tool for overcoming depression and anxiety. Also, she talks openly about her reverse culture shock experience upon returning to the United States after living in Spain for nearly two years.

When she returned to the Midwest after living in Spain Janelle found herself questioning everything in her home culture.  This sudden shift lead to clashes with her family, disharmony with her friends, and a general loss of purpose.  Janelle began exploring Buddhist meditation, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and energy work.

Janelle found that these alternative approaches produced far greater results than talk therapy or prescription anti-depressants.  After doing a life activation session through the Modern Mystery School she found that she was able to breathe much easier and her anxiety was greatly eased.  You can read more about her journey here.

She discusses a common experience when people find themselves both pulled toward self-improvement and pushing back against their intuition.  This kind of “push-pull” is very common for people who are begging to explore what might be possible for their lives on the other side of a breakthrough.  For most people, the ego runs the show and they “caught in their comfortable misery…and they don’t realize they are basically living in their personal hell.”  Instead of going through the motions, feeling like they don’t have a choice, and people live so long “without an awareness of their awareness.”

Janelle is a big proponent of trusting her intuition.  Understanding the ego and listening to your heart is essential to mastering yourself and your life.   Many of Janelle’s most “ready” clients don’t waiver or wobble, they trust the process of her energy work.  Our intuition can lead us toward empowerment and help us push past our conditioning to live a more authentic life.   Specifically, Janelle is interested in bringing more light to individuals, and to the world, through her energy work and as a practitioner of Sacred Geometry.

Finally, I have created a new meditation to help propel you to an authentic life and inspired action.  Everything else in your life—those things that are not authentically you—will start falling away.  The meditation is absolutely free.  And it absolutely works!

Now, go get BIG!


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