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#2 Podcast //How to Live Your Most Authentic Life


What does living authentic mean and how it makes a huge difference in your happiness!

I’m back with my second episode of the Powerful Questions podcast, and this time we consider what it means to live an authentic life.  If you are just joining us I’d recommend that you start by listening to my debut episode where I introduce myself, my work as a life coach, and why I think it is so important to “stay with the question” and not just accept immediate answers.

You can find the first episode here

Let me ask you this: Are you waking up each morning excited to start the day?  Do you have relationships that inspire your growth?  Do you fall asleep each day grateful for all that you had the chance to experience?

Or.. do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning?  Do you dread the work day and find yourself surrounded by people who don’t share your values.  Are you holding out for the weekend that never seems long enough?

If you are in the first group, then I want to give you a virtual high five because you are doing the work,  And we all know that it takes work.  If you are in the second group don’t get too down on yourself.  Most people are there.


Everyone has been there.  And the truth is that many of us will find ourselves there again.  The truth is that major life changes and milestones can create dramatic shifts.  And there’s nothing wrong with coming back to this question again and asking yourself: Am I living an authentic life?


Podcast minneapolis

Am I living an authentic life?

I share a personal story of taking a job managing the business side of a construction company.  The office was very close to my home, I had some flexibility with my hours, and it paid well.

However, over time I found that I was overly stressed, depressed, and I had gained weight.  A year and a half after I realized something needed to change and I pleaded to work from home.  I quickly realized that the problem wasn’t the office, the work environment, or the people I’d been working with.  The problem was within me.  I had been hiding behind a paycheck and living small.

I found that I needed to take responsibility for playing small. I wasn’t being my playful, joyful, and courageous self.  I needed to start playing big.  For me, “playing big” means living my life on purpose and using my gifts to inspire others and making the world an even better place to live.

Authenticity doesn’t mean you have to make a dramatic change overnight.  In fact, here is my three step process to living more authentically.

  1. Acknowledge where you are being inauthentic
  2. Get clear on what you really want
  3. Start working towards your authentic goals

My work toward living more authenticity lead me to getting my life coaching certification, creating a brand, and building my website.  As I started working with more clients it became obvious that this is exactly what I needed to be doing.


Podcast minneapolis

And wouldn’t you know it… not too long after I began taking these steps towards my new vision my boss came to me and said that they too had a new vision for their company.  My position was getting overhauled and would require me to work longer hours and in the office.  By this point I was confident in my growing Coaching business and when he gave me an ultimatum I was able to walk away from that job and toward a life I love.

I have created a new meditation posted here to help propel you to an authentic life and inspired action.  Everything else in your life—those things that are not authentically you—will start falling away.  The meditation is absolutely free.  And it absolutely works!

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Now, go get BIG!


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Podcast minneapolis

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