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#15 – Everything You Need to Know About Vision Boards with Carrie Lindsey

This week I welcome Carrie Lindsey to the program.  Carrie is an entrepreneur who runs her own website, designs a successful line of planners, and author of the upcoming book Make Anything Happen: A Creative Guide to Vision Boards, Goal Setting, and Achieving the Life of your Dreams which will be released on Amazon this coming June.

After her daughter was born Carrie began writing a blog as an outlet for adult contact. At first, she was just really waiting for her friends and relatives, but she was consistently publishing and improving her work and marketing. Soon she was learning more about blogging, taking courses, and attending conferences about how to improve.


This can-do attitude also lead her to create a meal planner after she couldn’t find one with a tear-away grocery list online.  She bought some printing equipment and some specialty paper, took a few pictures, and assembled her own planner.


Then she listed it on Etsy, sold her first product within hours, and she’s never looked back.   Her husband recently quit his job to work for her printing company full-time.

How to make vision boards


About a year ago, Carrie posted a blog entry on vision boards that began getting a lot of traffic which lead to a publisher reaching out to her about writing a book on the topic.


However, she’s been creating vision boards since she was a kid–before she even knew what vision boards were.  These early attempts have even proven to be successful because the horse-obsessed kid grew up to own horses…and miniature donkeys. Fun, right?


Today, Carrie incorporates miniature vision boards into her planner so when she opens up her calendar she is sure to see her envisioned goals.


If you’ve never made a vision board before Carrie suggests you not get hung up on making your vision board as picture perfect as some you might see online.  For instance, she wishes she had beautiful handwriting, but she doesn’t let that stop her.  I can totally relate to that!

How to make a vision board


Carried doesn’t stop manifesting with vision boarding.  She shares a recent experience of coming up with enough money to pay for an expensive perforator for her print shop after reading  You are a Bad Ass at Making Money. Her first experience with manifestation was Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Excuses Be Gone on PBS.


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