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#14 – 6 Signs Fear is Running Your Business

This episode marks a shift in both my coaching business and this podcast as I’ve been focusing much more on passion and purpose in my work as a mindset coach and business coach.  


Today we are going to talk about fear and the exact tools I use to get myself out of the fear mindset.  These are some of the same tools I suggest for my clients as a business coach and life coach.

Specifically, we going to talk about how fear can be subtle and work its way into the work of an entrepreneur or solopreneur.  Notice I said subtle, so today I won’t be talking about obvious fears like public speaking or finally dropping the day job.


By the end of the episode, you’ll learn how to

  • How to maximize your time on social media
  • How to have effective sales conversations
  • How to attract your ideal clients
  • How to manage your time as a business owner


That’s a lot of how to’s!  But seriously this episode is full of so many good nuggets. I could (and will) break each one down in future episodes.

So grab a pen and paper — press play — sit back and let’s begin.


  1. Spending too much time on things that don’t matter

It is very easy for a small business owner to get too focused on the smallest details of a business instead of maintaining momentum toward a vision.  If you are focusing on busy work it’s a sign you are too afraid to take your business to the next level.


In this episode, I discuss a three tiered system for prioritizing my tasks.  And I talk about how using note cards, help me keep my tasks out of sight and out of mind when they are not important. 

life coaches mn

  1. You are wasting time on social media

The social media time suck, we’ve all heard it.  But I’m not just talking about going down a Youtube rabbit hole and wasting away an entire afternoon.


Here, as a business coach, I’m specifically talking about the time suck created by posting too often on social media.  I share some guidelines for keeping your time on social media productive and keep your followers from muting you.  


If you find that the internet is a distraction to your productivity, there are tools like Buffer and Meet Edgar that allows you to plan and batch social media.  


  1. You are not having sales conversations

I have met many amazing entrepreneurs who are brilliant at what they do, but have a hard time making money simply because they are afraid to have sales conversations. Maybe they are afraid of sounding salesy or maybe they fear rejection.  


It’s vitally important that you are aligned with a clear mission for your business, and a business coach can really help in this area.  When you are helping people and improving their lives the conversations flow and your potential clients will ask, “Where do I sign up?”


To help let go of fear before a conversation with a potential client, or a speaking event or anytime you see fear running your business I created a free meditation.  That is specifically designed to nip fear in the bud!  Meditation plays a major role in my work as a mindset coach because it is one of the most powerful tools in harnessing your full potential.


life coaches mn


  1. Not attracting the right customers (or not attracting enough customers).

When you are not attracting your ideal customers it is a sign that you are out of alignment with your brand.  If you are afraid to be honest with yourself–about your services, your persona, your branding–customers will sense your dishonesty and subconsciously get turned off.  


I notice that many of us are afraid to really put ourselves out there.  We are often taught to emphasize the positive and try to hide the “negative.” A powerful quote I use as a mindset coach comes from  Jim Morrison who once said, “Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, it has no power, & the fear of freedom shrinks & vanishes. You are free.”


  1.  You are trying to please everyone

When you try to be everything to everyone, you end up being nothing to no one.  Harsh? Maybe, but hear me out.  Fear keeps you playing it safe and you don’t get to be your uniquely brave, brilliant, and magnetic self.  


Pick one person in your life who is your ideal client. Your ideal client is someone you’d genuinely connect with a matter of minutes.  So why not create your ideal client persona as someone you already know and love.   


Don’t worry about being too specific that you will cut out other potential clients. Speaking from experience as a business coach with my own client base,  you will still get many people that don’t embody every detail of your friend.  They’ll like some elements and love the fact that you were bold enough to stand out.  


  1.  You don’t have a mentor

Whether you are an artist or healer or tarot reader you are in this business because you have a message that you want people to know about. You are in this because you know what it’s like on the other side and you want everyone to have that same experience.


When you try to go at this solopreneur thing alone, it’s so easy to have fear creep in and take over.  Before you know it you are back at a cubicle job saying, “Yeah I tried it, but it’s just not right for me.”  


When you’re on a mission to improve your community and even the world, you simply can not let fear stop you.  Your work is too important.  So get over your fears and get on with creating the business of your dreams.  


life coaches mn

So that’s why I’m happy to offer the service of coaching and mentoring today — I know first hand just how incredibly valuable it is.

If you are an entrepreneur or visionary and you have an idea or mission that you just can’t seem to get moving. Or maybe you are on the quest to finding your purpose I am offering a 30 min clarity session for people that are committed making a difference in the world and are interested in coaching with me.  In this session, I will help you get clear on what’s holding you back and offer steps to get your work into the world!

If you enjoyed the podcast don’t forget to leave me a review on iTunes.  Thank you for helping spread the word!

Now, go get BIG!



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