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#13 When life gives you lemons, make margaritas!

After a few episodes of interviewing incredible women entrepreneurs, I am back to flying solo and talking about my work as a life and business coach


It’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks with lots of traveling, so it’s great to be back home and recording a new episode of Powerful Questions. And this week I’ve got a great question for you to consider during your meditation.  And at the end of the episode, I have a freebie that I know you are just going to love!  


I have gained quite a few new listeners lately!  That’s very exciting, and I want to invite everyone of you to join me on Instagram where I regularly post about new episodes.  Let me know what aha’s and revelations you’ve had from the podcast. 


Also, I’d love to know what topics you are most interested in, where you are struggling, or how I can help.  So find me on Instagram by searching out @lotusnsage.  I love interacting with listeners, especially on Instagram!
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As I said, it’s been great to be back in my own bed, back in my routine, and back in my city. But after a month of traveling, I was pretty worn out.  We got back on a Tuesday, and I woke up Wednesday sick as a dog.  I was bedridden for three days.  I had to cancel multiple speaking engagements, client meetings, and postpone the launch of my new website.  


At first, I was really upset, I had so much planned and deadlines to make, but none of that was going to happen with the condition I was in.  


Simply being upset wasn’t going to make anything better.  So I canceled my engagements, slept a lot, took Epson salt baths, mixed up some garlic and honey, and did a healing session with my coach and energy worker. I let go of my plan for the week and opened myself up to what else was possible.  


When I started feeling a little better I started doing some design work and created some new logos.  I decided to share 5 designs with my community, and I had over 500 people comment on my post.  I was blown away by the response and support.  I also got some really valuable feedback and I realized that I was rushing into this new site the same way I built my old site – feeling pressured to finish the site and move forward.free content life coach 

My old site has been great, but I am changing it for a reason.  “Lotus and Sage” just isn’t my brand anymore. And as I rebrand, create a new website, and launch more programs, I know that I want my new site to 100% encompass my mission, brand, and speak directly to those I serve as clients.  


If I hadn’t gotten sick…none of this would have happened. So thank you sickness, thank you for allowing me to step back to create something new.  


Now I want to offer the question to you: What if anytime something didn’t go your way, you looked at as an opportunity for a new way?


I created a free download that I think you are really going to like.  In it, I walk you through a writing exercise so you can get really clear on the new opportunities. AND as a bonus – I made an adorable graphic  – if I do say so myself – of this question. You can print out and post on your fridge, put it in a frame or put somewhere you will see it

AND as a bonus – I made an adorable graphic  – if I do say so myself – of this question. You can print out and post on your fridge or put it in a frame.  Put it somewhere you will see it everyday.   So anytime something didn’t go your way, you have a beautiful reminder to look at it as a new opportunity.  
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If you are an entrepreneur or visionary and you have an idea or mission that you just can’t seem to get moving. Or maybe you are on the quest to finding your purpose I am offering a 30 min clarity session for people that are committed making a difference in the world and are interested in coaching with me.  In this session, I will help you get clear on what’s holding you back and offer steps to get your work into the world!

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Now, go get BIG!



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