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I’ve been thinking for a long while about how to best share my work through a podcast, and I’m finally ready to take the plunge!  I hope you love it.

I’m excited to share this debut episode of The Powerful Questions Podcast with you because I know that asking the right questions leads my clients to a point where transformation is not only possible, it’s inevitable.  And I have a knack for asking the perfect question.

I begin the podcast with a story from 10 years ago when I was feeling stuck.  I decided I needed a change, so I moved across the country to California. But after awhile the only thing that changed was the scenery.  Eventually, I decided enough was enough and set out to find the tools I need to make a real change.

Sometimes I just can’t believe the transformations I’ve undergone and the manifestations I’ve brought into my life.  And being a life coach is a job that continually inspires me.

But enough about me!  Let’s talk about what you are going to get out of this podcast.

Each week I am going to offer up a question for you to consider.  The questions are specifically chosen to create space for new possibilities in your life.

One of my favorite quotations on this subject is

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask.”

As shown by Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiments our thoughts and words have vibrations.  Dr. Emoto exposed different glasses of water to different words and emotions and then froze them.  He used photographs to record the results—and those results are stunning.

podcast itunes new and noteworthy

If you are feeling stuck or lost or in need of clarity then this is the podcast for you!  You may find that you are currently asking yourself low-frequency questions such as  “What’s wrong with me?”  Instead, we want to be asking ourselves expansive questions.

For my life-coaching clients, I suggest a couple of ways to make sure they are living with a question between coaching sessions.  And I’m happy to share them with you the listener

Meditate on the question for 10 minutes daily.

Use an active form of meditation and journal for 10 minutes daily.  Just write and keep writing!

Write the question on several sticky notes and place them strategically around your home or workplace.

Set reminders on your phone.  When the reminder goes off check in with yourself and sit with the question for a few minutes.

podcast itunes new and noteworthy

This week’s question is “Who am I?” 

When I ask my clients this question, they often respond with roles they play in their life rather than with insights into the true essence of who they are.  We are so much more than our roles such as “wife” or “mother” or “business owner.”

I share my experiences with one of my favorite activities swimming across a lake in Minnesota.  I love the water and it brings me so much joy!  I’ve even created my own stroke.  And although I am not a triathlete like many of those swimming next to me I find that this weekly swim brings me closer to my true identity.

I share a technique for discovering and reflecting and then connecting with your true qualities by using “I AM” statements.  Check it out in the cast!

As promised, I also have created some bonus audio for my podcast listeners.  Here is the audio for this week’s “Who am I” meditation.

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